Anonymous said: What kind of education/work do you do?

i work for a circus troupe in miami. 

Cadillac Ranch


glow hoop 

euphoria 2013

Future Hoop

Euphoria 2013

hand stands are happening!@ 

what do you call a bear that isn’t sure about their sexuality? 

A bipolar bear. 

New camper top. Found it on CL for $250… used in this crappy condition it should be at least $450. I was prepared to spend around $700 on a topper so glad this worked out. easy install it bolts right into the frame sliders. I’m using J hooks with a big washer and nut holding it in place. 3 J hooks on the left side will support a platform instead of having a frame go to the floor taking up space. the right of the platform will be supported by moveable milk crates. 3d printed rainbow circus decal and gas cap. 

This thing is seeming like a really great purchase. Printer/laptop have been running off it for almost 2 hours and it hasn’t depleted to 50% yet. $140 for battery, inverter, 2 usb plugs, 3AC outlets, 1 12v DC outlet and jumper cables. The battery is not HUGE I could spend about $180 (you can just add 12v batteries parallel or 2 6v batteries in series then connected in parallel using the jumper cables!) and effectively triple my power storage but this 36 aH may be enough. I’m thinking maybe 2 powerpacks instead of the battery just because of durability, simplicity and portability. from a car it’s a 4 hour charge, 10 hour by solar and 35 hours (yikes) if you plug it into the wall. I think if i have 2 and solar I will never be without power traveling. 

New Mandallas

Ear cuffs